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Hublot have worked with using the United Kingdom luxury watch store The Watch Gallery. They've released two worldwide exclusive watches, the Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic and Chronograph. Both watches are restricted to fifteen pieces and have The Watch Gallery trademark blue showing up around the hands and tinted sapphire crystal open case back.

This is actually the first here we are at Hublot Replica Watches to possess fused ceramic and titanium together on the fusion 45mm. It's also a first for that brand to possess a tinted open case back. The Automatic Classic Fusion has a black alligator leather strap which is ideal for casual and wise attire. The Chronograph Classic Fusion may be the sportier version of these two having a black rubber strap, appropriate for working out reasons.

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Both watches boast a 45mm polished satin finished titanium/ceramic case, using the Hublot logo design engraved around the crown. Additional features incorporate a 42 power reserve and water proofing to 50 meters.