Captured at SIHH, Hublot revealed certainly one of its most vibrant ladies collections up to now: Hublot Big Bang Pop Art watches. Timepieces can be found in hot pink, crimson, dazzling blue and apple green. Furthermore these colors stimulate a sense of pop art era nostalgia, they are the most popular spring colors for 2014.

The 41mm case dimensions are greatly the present trend in women's watches. Hop into any boutique or fashion store, when i do quite frequently, and scan timepieces. You will observe the great majority of girls watches remain the 40mm mark. Only at that size, a wrist watch produces an absolute fashion statement and turns into a notable accessory for a person's appearance. Obviously, it is not only the dimensions you will find a lot of cheap brands creating watch monstrosities with shoddy craftsmanship, however, a Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Watch sporting intriguing dial artistry guarantees instant recognition, excitement and appreciation of the highly desirable brand.

Vibrantly colored gems set in to the bezel makes this watch as a bit of jewellery in addition to a sporty chronograph. Within its bejeweled boundary is definitely an explosion of color. Hublot Replica design team labored relentlessly to produce a dial representing Andy Warhol's signature artistic expression. The initial utilization of color and shading round the indices and numbers, sub-dial colors, situation, bezel and band color combinations resemble the intriguing color mixtures of Andy Warhol's famous Marilyn Monroe portraits. Additionally, the colour of every watch corresponds to another color portrayed in Andy Warhol's famous "Six Self Portraits" that have been up for auction at Sotheby's Contemporary Art Evening Auction on March 14th, 2014 in New York - a mere stones throw away from Hublot Replica Madison Avenue flagship store.

Warhol's adventurous spirit of color, design and subject material-one cannot your investment Andy Warhol 1962 legendary Campbell soup cans-erupt from Replica Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Collection.

I'd a hands-up with the new pink model and it is a beaut. Because of snug fitting rubber strap, the timepiece felt very comfortable on my small wrist. As my wrist is comparatively small, replica watches frequently slide however, the Hublot Replica remained put with no sense of a too tight strap. Additionally, the timepiece colors did a smashing job of adding a touch of color to my wrist.

Viewing the timepiece collection in general, it's possible to begin to see the 18k 3N gold pink model and apple green model make use of the same colors in opposite combination just like the stainless crimson model and blue model. For any further feminine touch, 48 baguette gemstones interspersed with 6 of Hublot Replica signature H formed titanium screws, bedazzle the bezel. Topazes cluster over the Large Bang blue model, amethysts upon the crimson, sapphires surround the pink and tsavorites-a lessor known but equally exquisite jewel-around the green. Nowhere dial works as a backdrop to numbers, indices and dials, decorated as though a stencil was included in the screen printing process, Andy Warhol's method of preference.

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