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Those of us who have had the fine good fortune of being a houseguest at a great Jamaican home will easily recall the intoxicating aroma of highly-polished mahogany, the glow of antique silver, tropical blossoms embellishing four-poster beds, old family portraits, 18th century English landscape paintings and the bonhomie of fine company savoring life and good rum. This experience is rare and totally special. Since today we live in a world of cookie-cutter hotels that are standardized to a fair-thee-well, many hotel experiences limit your exposure to people at check-in and check-out times with an extraordinary absence of personalization. Machines do most of the work in a hotel today. Yet there is not a hotel manager on earth who does not tout his specialness due to staff and “personal service.” That’s why family-owned Bluefields Bay Villas in Jamaica is so very extraordinary ....



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